We consult in traditional as well as emerging areas of diagnostics and healthcare

We have experience in a wide range of projects with varying complexity levels and have worked extensively with Pharma and Academic collaborators worldwide. Our consulting expertise stems from leading and working with multi-disciplinary teams across life sciences, bioinformatics, software, and business development. G-KnowMe excels at designing assay-to-analysis pipelines. Our key consulting areas of expertise include:
i. Assay Development
ii. DNASeq and RNASeq NGS analysis, including comprehensive quality control
iii. Multi-omic data analysis and workflow automation
iv. Natural Language Processing based extraction of information from clinical records and scientific literature
v. Developing and Validating Machine Learning Models
vi. Clinical interpretation and reporting of Next Generation Sequencing bases Tumour Profiling
vii. Automation of lab data analysis workflows and lab processes.

Our Strengths


In-depth understanding of molecular platforms, biology and informatics for better assay development and validation

statistical analysis

In-depth understanding of statistical analysis, machine learning, natural language processing, automation and algorithm development for better analysis and inferences

custom analysis

Hands-on experience in building several software solutions and automated workflows for a wide range of applications in diagnostics, healthcare and drug discovery.

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