Sample Testing and Reporting for COVID-19 (STaRC)

STaRC is an end-to-end Sample to Report system for Molecular Labs involved in COVID-19 Diagnostics. In line with the ICMR requirements, GKnowMe Consultancy Services (GKS) has developed this COVID-19 lab LIMS system using “Open source” tools. It is both cost effective and addresses both the sample tracking and reporting requirements for Covid 19 labs. The system provides role based access to data to maintain patient confidentiality and HIPAA compliance.

Salient Features

  1. Form based entry of data via web or mobile applications
  2. Role based access to fields of data
  3. Easily configurable workflows that capture the flow of sample and associated data with-in the lab.
  4. Detailed audit-trail of all edits to the captured data
  5. Customisable reports
  6. Additional script based access to data
  7. Bulk import of data from spreadsheets
  8. Bulk export of data to spreadsheets
  9. Flexible querying of data
  10. Easy installation and maintenance


Sample is received at the ICMR certified lab with the following form filled in paper.

Detailed information for the patient is filled with RTPCR app and is available to the lab via ICMR portal.

STaRC sample tracking workflow begins issue creation in Redmine for the received sample by manually filling a form or a bulk creation via information in a spreadsheet. This step is performed by a member of the Data Entry Team or the person receiving the sample.

Lab scientists taking the sample through RNA Extraction and RTPCR update the issue and add relevant information for the sample at each step.

Once the results are ready and updated for the sample, a custom script is executed to create the report for the patient. Another custom script creates data to be submitted to the state and for upload to the ICMR portal.

Detailed audit trail of the lab workflow for the sample is maintained in the system and is available to the personnel with appropriate permissions.


Setting up STaRC involves installation and configuration on Redmine and custom scripts on a dedicated server or a virtual machine.

Here is a one click installation link for Redmine.

Lab workflow can then be configured using the Redmine Administration interface. These instructions can be executed manually or using a script.


If you are a government approved public laboratory for Covid 19 testing laboratory, we can engage with your IT and provide detailed instructions for configuring the lab workflow with ICMR guidelines.

For private laboratories, we provide additional customisation support to seamlessly integrate STaRC within your IT framework.

Please contact us and request for a demonstration if you want to use STaRC for your laboratory.