COVID-19 Testing & Software

COVID-19 pandemic has globally redefined diagnostics and therapeutics. G-KnowMe offers a range of services towards setting up of diagnostics testing laboratories. G-KnowMe is providing informatics support to the Indigenization of Diagnostics(InDx) program, a Government of India initiative to scale up COVID-19 testing using high quality indigenous options. As part of this program, G-KnowMe is supporting the development of a digital platform to establish supply-chain of indigeneous manufacturers of kits and reagents. In addition, G-KnowMe is facilitating:

  1. Clinical data hosting and analysis of clinical data for insights towards developing SARS COV2 diagnostics
  2. Software validation, quality control and regulatory compliance for SARS COV2 diagnostic solutions.
  3. Informatics support towards the manufacturing of SARS COV2 diagnostic kits and raw materials, cost optimizations, quality monitoring and TAT reduction