Oral squamous cell carcinoma, most often connected to chewing tobacco, betal nuts such habits, and is a burning problem in the Indian population, particularly rural and the poor. Early detection will have significant impact in both preventing mortality and impacting the financials of of the family. Early detection requires sharpened molecular assay platform coupled with cutting edge bioinformatics to assist rare mutant allele detection. A study conducted by the Nishant Agrawal and team at U.Chicago , Tata Trusts and Strand Life Sciences, developed a custom NGS panel for detecting mutant alleles in the saliva of oral cancer patients including early stages. This study is published as “Ultrasensitive Detection of Tumor-Specific Mutations in Saliva of Patients With Oral Cavity Squamous Cell Carcinoma” (#OCSCC) in #Cancer. G-KnowMe founder Vaijayanti Gupta was a key contributor to this work during her tenure at Strand.

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